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Frequently asked questions

The TelioTalk app allows you to use your iOS or Android mobile phone to place and receive calls to any phone in the world. You will get a separate “landline number”, and on the receiving end it will look like you are placing phone calls from a normal Norwegian house phone. We offer country packages of prepaid minutes to selected countries at a very competitive price! If you run out of prepaid minutes, you can buy new prepaid packages anytime you’d like on My Account on
We offer country packages of prepaid minutes to selected countries at a very competitive price. See full list of available countries here.
After signing up on the website, download the TelioTalk app from App Store or Google Play, sign in and start calling right away!
Please go to our website, and register. You will receive your TelioTalk phone number in an email as soon as you have registered.
You can port in a landline number to use with TelioTalk, if it is not a number already in use by Telio. Please contact our customer service for assistance.
We support iPhones and Android (Google Play) phones.
TelioTalk will work with any internet connection. Additional charges may apply for data usage from your telephone/data provider.
Yes, it will be like you are calling from Norway! But, if you are abroad while calling and you are not connected to Wifi, additional charges may apply for your data usage from your provider.
No, you will need a Norwegian SIM card to use this service, as we will send you an activation PIN code to activate the app.
Yes! You can do this via My Account.
Then you can still call any number in any country, but you will be charged according to TelioTalk’s standard pricelist.
You can have up to 3 devices connected to an active subscription. Bear in mind that the packages will be shared among the users.
Yes, you will have to download the app on the new phone and activate it as a new device. If you already have 3 devices active, you will be prompted to replace the old device.
No, but you can cancel your recurring packages.
Your first invoice will be sent to you via e-mail. After that you can change it to an eInvoice and/or direct debit via your online bank
You can cancel your subscription via My Account - under Personalia click "Edit" and "Cancel my account". You can also call us on +47 987 02101, contact us on Chat, or send us a message through the contact form this page or in the app. The cancellation period is until the last day of the month you cancel. Call fees, subscription fees and other costs will be billed to you after the end of your subscription, if applicable.
TelioTalk uses approximately 1,3 MB data per minute. Additional charges may apply for data usage from your provider.
For Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite with Android v.11, calls are cut after 15 minutes duration. Please update your Samsung phone to the latest Android OS version to solve this problem.